Digital Marketing Agency for Candy and Snack Brands

As consumers continue to reclaim control over their lives during the COVID-19 lockdown, candy products have regained their spot as a favorite snack. In fact, candy sales have surged as impulsive purchasing behavior increases among buyers. While the global confectionery market continues to face challenges due to rising costs of production and raw materials, brands with a focus on product quality and differentiation are poised for growth. Find out:

For example, Hershey has capitalized on the popularity of the Addams Family reboot with a social media campaign that invites fans to share photos of themselves alongside their kooky counterparts. And Brach’s seasonal campaigns have focused on Halloween and other holidays with a strong cultural and emotional attachment to the brand.

Unwrapping Digital Delights: Inside Candy Marketing’s Toolbox

In addition, candy and snack brands are leveraging their unique position in the food industry to forge a connection with young, socially conscious shoppers. Consider how a new product launch can be positioned to support causes such as environmental sustainability, healthy living or even animal rights.

When choosing a digital marketing agency, be sure to select one with experience in your industry’s specific needs. For example, a digital marketing agency in NYC specializing in direct response strategies can ensure your company gets the most out of your advertising budget by focusing on ROI-driven tactics. If you are unsure, contact multiple agencies and ask for samples of their work. For example, Metric Theory has worked with a wide range of clients from small businesses to large e-commerce sites.

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