How To Choose The Best Playground Markings UK

Kid-Friendly Playground Markings have a huge impact on physical health, cognitive development and social skills. A great way to get kids outside and active for break times and PE lessons, playground markings stimulate sensory experiences and encourage children to learn through fun and interactive activities.

A wide variety of markings can be installed to suit different ages and abilities, from simple number grids and shapes, through to bespoke games that are tailored to the unique needs of each school. There are even designs that help promote emotional well-being and socialisation, such as the’mindful maze’ which encourages children to slow down and think.

Thermmark is a leading manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic markings and materials with clients across the world. Using precise water jet technology to create pre-cut thermoplastic markings, Thermmark can help schools upgrade their playgrounds with a variety of colourful designs that will spark creativity and engage students.

Interactive Learning Zones: Playground Markings That Support Curriculum Goals

Some of the most popular playground markings include fitness circles, which allow children to practice exercises that improve their balance and coordination. There is also a range of hopscotches available, including squares and splats as well as a customized design that teaches 1-10 in six different languages. Maps are another great marking that helps children develop geography and navigational skills. Whether they are world maps or local area maps, these are sure to appeal to children’s interests and curiosity about the wider world.

Many of these playground markings can be customised to incorporate a school’s identity and branding, creating a visual representation of their educational values and helping to attract parents and families to the site. This can also boost parental engagement and create a strong sense of community within the local area.

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