Wilson Golf Club Set Review

Wilson golf club set is a great beginner golf set that offers great forgiveness and comes in a very affordable package. The set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid and irons (6-PW) plus a sand wedge. It also comes with a cart bag and head covers to keep the clubs from getting scuffed or damaged. The set is very easy to swing as it has a wide and forgiving driver, and the irons are cavity backed to increase distance while being easier to hit.

Wilson has done a good job of putting together a forgiving golf set that is perfect for beginners and high handicappers. The set does not include any long irons, but they have included a #5 fairway wood that replaces the role of the long irons. It is much more forgiving than a long iron and has a large sweet spot that is easier to hit. The #5 fairway wood is also perimeter weighted to help with accuracy on off-center shots.

The Perfect Par: Choosing the Right Wilson Golf Club Set for Your Game

The irons in this Wilson golf club set are 431 stainless steel and have a deep cavity back to promote increased forgiveness. The set also features a low-weight and easy-launch sand wedge. This wedge has a wider sole to enable better control on shots from traps and other greenside conditions. It comes in seniors length, standard and a plus +1 inch for taller players. This is a great feature that you don’t find in many other beginner golf sets.

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