High-Performance Chemical Resistant Coatings

highperformance chemical resistant coatings

Whether it is industrial manufacturing or recreational facilities, high-performance chemical resistant coatings provide excellent protection against harsh environments and external interactions. A wide range of chemicals, solvents and abrasives can be used to destroy or damage coating systems that are not properly protected. Often times, such degradation results in reduced performance or even part failure. High-performance coatings protect against environmental elements, including moisture, abrasion and corrosion. In addition, some coatings offer added functionality to enhance the performance of a surface. Examples include PTFE coatings that are non-stick and have a reduced coefficient of friction, or epoxy coatings that are known for their superior adhesion, chemical resistance and strength.

Elevate and Protect: Unraveling the Secrets Behind High-Performance Chemical Resistant Coatings

Most often, high-performance chemical resistant coatings are used to protect metal structures and equipment from damaging environments. These harsh operating environments typically feature a mixture of strong acids, caustics and solvents that can rapidly deteriorate the substrate and damage hardware. Using the right coating system can extend the life of components, reduce downtime, stop product contamination, and prevent metal-to-metal contact.

Coatings that are specifically formulated for these environments are available in a wide variety of products and systems. These systems typically rely on a multilayered approach, starting with a primer to prepare the substrate for the application of the topcoat. The primer is followed by an intermediate coat, which provides additional corrosion resistance to the underlying substrate. The topcoat then offers the final layer of protection to the substrate.

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