The Benefits of Microdosing Shrooms

microdosing shrooms

As the psychedelics revolution continues to gain mainstream traction, many people are claiming that microdosing shrooms adds a magic sparkle to their life. For some, it enhances creativity and improves productivity at work. Others claim it helps them overcome mental health symptoms and stress. In some cases, people are even doing psilocybin retreats in Jamaica (yes, Gwyneth Paltrow was among them). Go here

In general, microdosing is the regular self-administration of psychedelic drugs at doses small enough to not impair normal cognitive functioning. Most frequently, psilocybin mushrooms are used for this purpose and the most common dosage reported is 0.1 to 0.3 g of dried mushroom material. Surveys have found that the most popular motivations for microdosing include improvements in mood, emotional well-being and cognitive functioning1,2,3,4 and reductions of stress5,6 and anxiety7.

Unlocking the Mind: The Art and Science of Microdosing with Psychedelic Mushrooms

While anecdotal evidence is compelling, the practice has not been rigorously tested, leaving room for doubts. It is also not clear how much of the positive effects attributed to microdosing are placebo or expectation effects.

Regardless, there is a growing interest in the practice, especially among mothers. A woman named Tee launched Moms On Mushrooms, a community that connects parents who use psilocybin for self-care. She says her experience with a larger dose of psilocybin with a therapist and guide in the woods helped her realize she wasn’t broken and allowed her to become a better mother. She now uses a low dose of psilocybin to manage her anxiety and depression.

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