IELTS Online Preparation Tips

Whether you are taking IELTS online preparation or in person, there are several things you should do to prepare. These include:

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the test structure and format, set a reasonable timeframe for your preparation, and plan your day carefully so that you can get enough sleep and eat well. Also be sure to expose yourself to English language daily through reading, listening and speaking with friends. Exposing yourself to the language will help you learn the vocabulary needed to answer the questions, so that by test day you will be confident in answering the test questions.

Effective IELTS Online Preparation Strategies

Practice IELTS reading with a wide range of texts (different topics and difficulty levels) to develop your ability to skim and scan quickly, read for information and detail, and summarize key ideas. The more you practice these skills, the better you will become at them.

Be aware that IELTS Listening questions are not focused on your knowledge of the topic, but rather on your ability to follow a conversation and provide answers. As such, you may sometimes be surprised to realize that you don’t know the answer to a question, but if you continue to talk and provide good information, your examiner will be happy.

Be careful not to use idioms when answering IELTS Speaking questions, as they will likely be marked as incorrect. It is more important that you can communicate your ideas clearly and in a logical order.

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